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SM-Prissy Prissypaws by PixieParrot SM-Prissy Prissypaws by PixieParrot



I had to try out for this group after I saw that it was a rival school to my main RP group :iconpkmn-armonia:  I found it hilarious how all the current Armonia members were making rivals and doppelgangers of their students in that group, so I decided to do the same thing.  Prissy plays a huge part in both LuLu and Olive's histories, and Olive's fifth arc (yes, I'm still doing Olive arcs, they're not dead yet) revolves around her for...reasons.
I'll post a few comics about her and Olive if she gets accepted, as the school year is winding down and I have more free time ohohohohoh

"Hello peasants."

Name: Pricilla Posy Prissypaws the Fourteenth (Please call her Prissy. Call her by her full name and she’ll throw a hissy fit).
Age/Birthday: 15/June 1st
Gender: Female
Pokémon: Skitty, #300
Ability: Cute Charm-When a Pokémon with Cute Charm is hit by a move that makes contact, there is a 30% chance that the opponent of the opposite gender will become infactuated, making it unable to attack 50% of the time.
Nature/Summary Characteristic: Sassy, Very finicky
Height: 5’1”/170 cm (She has a serious height complex).
Weight: 98 lbs/44 kg (However, she is super skinny so she doesn’t have an excuse to complain about her weight).
Type 1: Normal
Hometown: Olivine City/Castelia City


-Vain/Egotistical-Oh man is Prissy vain.  She is constantly fretting about her hair, nails, clothing, you name it.  If you point out something wrong with her appearance, or comment on her “short” stature she will probably get into a heated argument with you about “genetics” and how she had no control over her height and yada yada.

-Drama Queen-If the littlest speck drops on her shirt, someone accidentally bumps into her, or she didn’t get the part in the school play she will treat it as if its the equivalent of the pokeapocolapse.

-Paranoid/Snide-Prissy always thinks the worst of people-she is convinced that everyone is out to make her life as miserable as possible, because they are “jealous” of her and her “good looks”.  Because of this she always assumes everyone has bad intentions and even little acts of kindness can be seen as acts of deceit in her eyes.  Due to this twisted way of thinking she treats people harshly, quick to point out their flaws before they can point out hers.  

-Loyal-If you can somehow tolerate Prissy’s jeers and bullying she is an eternally loyal friend.  To the few selective people she decides to trust, she will do everything in her power to make sure they are satisfied and cared for.

-Sensitive-While Prissy acts tough on the outside she really is quite a sentimental young teenage girl.  She cries at movies, events, music-she is incredibly soft and tranquil when she wants to be.  This is extremely rare though, as Prissy makes a point to never have this side of her revealed to her classmates.  

-Witty-Prissy can hold her own in an argument.  She always has quick comebacks and has the sheer tenacity and stubbornness to stick with her opinion to the bitter end.  This is why speech class is her favorite class.

basically she's a tsundere


The Prissypaws family was one of high pedigree and social stature.  While most of their wealth came from their ancestors, who were considered royalty, the current air, Pricilla Prissypaws, was wise and decided to invest in some patents for the pharmacy industry.  Through this she saw her family’s wealth triple, as the new technology she had invested in became standard fare for the hospitals around the regions.

She soon married a togekiss and gave birth to a daughter-Pricilla Posy Prissypaws the Fourteenth, named after her mother and twelve other grandmothers and great-grandmothers (as it was a tradition to name all the females Pricilla).

Prissy was born into the lap of luxury, she had a very different childhood than most children her age.  Since she grew up with waiters to attend to her every whim, all the toys she could ask for, a 50-acre estate to explore-she was very spoiled and pampered.  However, the skitty still maintained a curiosity for the world outside, and begged her parents to let her attend the local elementary school.

While surprised, her parents only wanted what was best for their little dumpling, so they obliged and sent Prissy to the school with sparking new school supplies and a limo.  Prissy tried to make friends, but soon fell into the wrong crowd of people, as she constantly being taken advantage of due to her family wealth.  Prissy was convinced that they loved her for...her, however constant playdates over at her mansion and them only obliging if she she promised food and a ride on her private helicopter made her think otherwise.  It didn’t help that the skitty actually found herself being bullied for her unusual background, being called “daddy’s little rich girl” and other unsightly names alluding to coins and currency, along with her extremely short stature.

Due to this the skitty became very cold and distrusting, lashing out at people out of paranoia of them not liking her.  Despite her parents taking her out of school after the change in her behavior Prissy’s mind had been made up: the entire world was out to get her, and the skitty wasn’t going to take anyone’s crap.

Prissy took out her anger on an azurill that was her childhood companion, the son of a close friend of her mother’s.  She felt dominant and powerful when she was bullying him for his meek nature and passiveness, and it soon developed into an unfortunate habit.  Despite the fact that her family moved away to a different city and she stopped seeing him besides parties and visits, she asserted her dominance over the staff at her mansion and even her parents at times.  Prissy was a nightmare, a monster.  It didn’t help that none of the staff didn’t want to tattle on her, out of fear of spoiling their parents’ vision of their “perfect little angel.”

Eventually though Prissy’s reign of terror soon came to an end.  A newly-hired caretaker for the skitty couldn’t stand her attitude any longer and told her parents.  Her parents, horrified, decided to send her kicking and screaming to the best boarding school in the country.  They decided on St. Morteil’s academy for its heavy emphasis on “vibrant, relevant, rigorous education” and hoped that if Prissy was around other people in her income bracket she would learn to soften up and be more social.

However, what Prissy didn’t know is that her parents sent her to that school for other reasons as well...ones involving a particular marill attending a rival school in the same area...

Level: 38

TMs/HMs/Egg Moves/Tutor Moves: Feint Attack, Thunderbolt, Wish (Her father is a togekiss), Attract.

School Schedule:

Algebra II

Chemistry II

Kalos in the Modern World

French III


Beginning Dancing

P.E. and Health III

Extra Curricular Activities:


Speech and Debate Club

Extras/Fun Facts (Any extra information you feel like sharing about them!)-

-Prissy is a powerhouse fencer.  She uses fencing to channel her anger and pent-up energy.  She’s looking to be the captain of the team, not for the social aspect, rather she is drawn to any position of power.

-She also loves speech and debate club because, once again, you are in power when you have the floor to make your position.  Prissy wouldn't mind being captain of this club too, honestly.

-She is nearly fluent in French (as her family is French and she took lessons from her mother). 

-Since she is so hung-up on her height she wears high heels constantly.  The school dress code, however, has banned this, making her incredibly mad, so she still wears them despite her constantly getting in trouble and them being taken away by authorities.  They’re sort of like her security blanket, in a way.

-She is a regular at the host club.

-She is an extremely picky eater.

-Despite her hatred of the pokerace, she has had a few close friends.  One of them being LuLu DeLune (…), an energetic little happiny who constantly visits her, as their parents are trading partners.

-If you haven’t figured out yet, said marill in question is Olive (…).  Prissy is a big part of the reason why he has social anxiety...

-:new: Prissy is an avid gamer, specializing in shooting games and life simulators.  First-person shooters are her favorite, however, and maaaaaay have had something to do with her violent personality.

If you want to see her old app go right…  Its really really reeaaalllyy old though, and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.
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