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Block by PixieParrot Block by PixieParrot
I really loved the concept of Rise of the Guardians so I decided to create some fan characters. I decided they won't be interacting with any of the canon characters but rather in their own guardian-type world. They won't be guardians but they'll probably have their own organization of some sort-I'm still refining the idea.

My second Rise of the Guardian fan character. She’s the villain and enemy to Muse.

Name: Block

Original Human Name: Isobel Fisher

Gender: Female

Height: 4”

Weight: Varies (She can make herself heavy or as light as a feather)

Role: Art Block. Just like her sister Block sits high in the sky, using her hair to conjure up little black Xs to go destroy Muse’s paint blobs. She usually does all this while taking a nap or something lazy-like. (She doesn’t really have to concentrate much to create Xs).

Personality: Block hates doing, well, anything. The only reason why she even does her job is to get payback at her sister. Other than that Block occupies her time by creating mischief and taking week-long naps. She’s rude, ignorant and hates creativity. Despite this Block is nurturing (she has a fondness for her little Xs), cunning and determined. She makes a worthy foe.

Species: Paint Spirit-only she and her sister Muse are this

Center: Laziness

Powers: Like Muse, Block has the power to conjure up objects using her hair. She can also control an army of Xs and (if she concentrates hard enough) temporarily strip someone of their powers.

Weaknesses: Innovation and creativity. Hence is why she and Muse are in an all-out war with each other.

History: Block was a small girl named Isobel who lived during the medieval period with her sister, Candace. They lived with their father, who was the resident artist in their small village. Isobel didn’t really take an interest in painting. She’d much rather spend her days milling around her father’s studio, enjoying the fresh air. However when she and her sister turned eight he started giving the two of them lessons. Candace thrived in his teachings and was soon painting with ease. Isobel on the other hand hated the lessons and art in general. She begged her father to let her go exploring instead but he’d refuse, saying she needed to “nurture her artistic talent”. So Isobel became a rebel, constantly ditching class to hang around town. She grew jealous of her sister, who was obviously her father’s favorite.

This went on for a few years and Candace grew more and more talented. She painted every day and rapidly improved. Isobel on the other hand grew more and more rebellious. She hated her sister for her drawing talent and hated her father for not letting her fulfill her desires. Candace disapproved of her sister’s hatred for art. The tension between the two escalated into an all-out sibling rivalry complete with ripping of canvases and pushing into mud puddles. But neither of them weren’t prepared what happened next.

Isobel and Candace caught small pox. Disease was rampant back those days and the black plague was sweeping through Europe. They both died a few days between each other at the age of twelve.

Isobel woke up to find herself in darkness. She looked up to see a bright light, the man in the moon, staring at her. He told her that her name was Block and it was her job to destroy all new ideas coming to the world.

Block took on her new job with new-found ambition. She found great joy in taking away people’s creativity. She hated art and innovation and completed her duties gleefully and skillfully. However she soon found that her sister, Candace, was reincarnated into her exact opposite-a rainbow paint spirit named Muse, the role of inspiration and knowledge. And so their petty sibling rivalry continued into the spirit world. Muse and Block are constantly in battle with each other, in hopes of finally destroying one or the other.

Her sister-
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mirz333 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012   General Artist
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PixieParrot Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Why thank you!~
CastShadowPegasus Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome!! <3
Heh.. Reminds me of someone I know... =u=
leafpool12 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow awesome job
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