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January 14
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AA App-Chikako Nakamura by PixieParrot AA App-Chikako Nakamura by PixieParrot


I-I know I join too many RP groups...baka...

"I, Mystic Strawberry Lovely Umi, will rid the world of evil and bring happiness and joy upon the land!"


Name:  Chikako Nakamura (In magical girl form she declares herself as "Mystic Strawberry Lovely Umi") 
Species (#):
700, Sylveon
Age: 14 yrs.
Gender: Female
Birthday: 04/29

Nature: Brave
Characteristic:  Loves to eat

Cute Charm
Disarming Voice Used when she really needs to get someone's particularly a boy she likes attention
Quick Attack When she wants to beat someone up for peeking up her skirt or accidentally bumping into her and landing on her in a perverted way
Light Screen Comes in handy when deflecting volleyballs and other sports equipment
Moonblast  You don't want to get Chikako angry.  Let me repeat.  You don't want to get this sylveon angry.

School Statistics

Grade: 8th Grade
Schedule: Pre-Algebra, English, Biology, World History, P.E., Home Economics
Excelled Class: P.E.
Sport: She's involved in quite a few-she does volleyball in the fall, track and field in the spring and takes gymnastics and ballet classes all year round.



Personality: Chikako is that of your typical magical girl heroine.  Klutzy, not partically excelling in brightness, naiive, oblivious and has the mysterious ability to eat large amounts of food in one sitting without gaining a noticeable amount of weight.  Don't bother trying to tell her that though, because one mention of her potentially being overweight will make her break into tears and convinced that she's now the size of a balloon. She is dead-set convinced that she is a magical girl (despite the fact, in reality, she is just extremely athletic and only has her species-related attack powers) and will have elaborate fantasies and daydreams of her saving her school from mysterious beings of darkness trying to take it over. Athletic, narcotic and plain nuts, Chikako is just waiting for that perfect boyfriend to come along so he can turn over to the dark side and she can save him in all her sparkly glory, not before turning into her ultimate goddess form at the end and having her first kiss in outer space (as is played out in her daydreams over and over again).  How she'll be able to do that without having the need to breathe she's not entirely sure, but in her toopsy-turvy life anything can happen. 


-Has a thing for yaoi.  She will secretly start fangirling if she sees two single guys get within a few feet of each other.
-Is usually found rather flustered and all over the place, as her life is currently chalk-full of boyfriend hunting, sports, school, social life and magical-girl-ing.
-Her magical-girl-ing consists running around the school in a frilly dress and saving people she believes to be in distress (from carrying papers to another classroom to standing up to a bully).
-If anyone makes some vague connection between her and her alter-ego, she'll just claim its her crazy twin sister.  If they further question into her family life she'll usually scream "baka" and run off.
-Isn't exactly a magic girl, she just has a habit of dressing up in frilly costumes and playing make-believe.  However, due to her being extremely athletic, she can jump high distances and  
-Don't let her get ten feet near a kitchen.  Chaos will ensue.
-Has a habit of being late to school for sleeping in late.
Favorite Food:  Strawberry crepes, strawberry shortcake, strawberry parafait, strawberry pocky, heck, anything with strawberries in it
-Various sports throughout the year (her favorite is probably gymnastics, though).  Her ability to do cartwheels and flips help out when she's battling monsters. 
-Eating.  A lot.
-Sleeping in class, and being wacked by the ruler.
-Trying to save her school from certain unfair dictatorship.
-Boyfriend-hunting.  (No, this is seriously a hobby of hers.  She likes to stalk boys around school and determine if they are well-suited to her tastes and fantasies (or perhaps a magical boy as well).  Oddly she hasn't attempted a love confession yet, she feels the boy should confess to her.  Its the magical girl way).

k I really like dis girl eek
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GuardianofLightAura Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
She should join fidélité, We'd have a magical girl trio :'D
PixieParrot Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
She actually is, I'm drawing up her new app now. C;
GuardianofLightAura Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Yaaas magical girl team time~ //throws sparkles everywhere 
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SacredLugia Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Pixieee omg what an absolute cutie pie! I love her design and her personality, omg they work together so perfectly, haha! xD She is literally made to attend Amie, lmao. I totally agree with her yaoi fantasies ahurr. And sTRAWBERRIESSSS god she just cannot get any cuter gdi. ;o; I can't wait to see more of her omq. :heart:
PixieParrot Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Aaaah thank yyoouuuu~
believe me you'll be seeing A LOT more of her in the future hurr durr
SacredLugia Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Heheh you're so welcome cutie! eue
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Did her description just say "baka"?
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