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Dork number one

Why Hello There

| 19 | Female | Cartoonist l Married...To My Tablet

Ey ey ey I'm Hayley! I'm just your typical shy college art student who loves cartoons, pastries, kpop, singing, roleplaying and cute fictional boys.

I draw a lot of artwork and post frequently, aha since I'm always striving to be better and hone my skill, as art has become more my profession than a hobby now. (That and I currently don't have a job nor can drive, but that's besides the point). My main RP group is Circus Darkrai, but I also occasionally post fanart. Usually its pokemon related. Because I am a pokemon nerd. Oops. I also run a slice of life comic which I try to update somewhat-frequently which can be found below~

I can be incredibly shy and have a hard time opening up to people personally due to trust issues, but if you ever want to say hi or have a question, I'll happily respond. I don't respond to all my comments but just know I read them all and love you all very much~

I'll be attending a private art school in the fall to study traditional animation and illustration. I hope to someday work as a storyboard artist or an episode writer at Cartoon Network and eventually create my own kids cartoon show!

In the meantime I'll just continue drawing silly comics and watching anime.

More Info


Personal Art
Note: The comics are a bit more adult and mature than what I normally do, just a fair warning

And yes I DO have a fanfiction account. But good luck trying to find it BUHAHAHA

also I tend to post stupid life comics in my scraps so yo go watch my scraps if you want to see my random ramblings



:new:RPs are Currently... Closed, as I'm sort of taking break from RP'ing for a while due to all my other projects. Still responding to the few I have but I'm not in the mood to start up any new ones~
Requests are...Closed forever, unless you are a close/irl friend and I know you're going to pester me about it.
:new:Art Trades are...Always open to friends, but I maaaayyy open up a few slots in the summer for a themed art trade, like a summer fun or a couple trade or something, idk.
:new:Collabs are... Open to only close friends/people I admire. Normally I don't go out of my way to ask people to do them though, so I'd have to be approached first about it. lD Sorry!


:new:Commissions are... Closed. I maaayyy open some money commissions in the summer, but I highly doubt is as I have a hecka a lot of things going on already. However, I do do exceptions for close or irl friends and if there is enough money waved in my face I will happily comply.
:new:My contest is...IN THE WORKS! I just have a few things to draw/finish up but I will HOPEFULLY have everything ready and post it by the beginning of June~
:new:Point commissions are... CLOSED. Well, I MAY open them up briefly in the future but it would only really be to test out a new style or something, sort of like my alt. to requests as I know if I opened up requests at this point it would be utter chaos. So ey, you never know.
Chatroom visits are... Every once in a while, ahaha. When I've finished my work and I don't feel like a nervous wreck, I'll try to pop in. It'll only really be in the CD chatrooms though, I'm pretty much terrified of all my other group chatrooms. :,D
Critiques are... Closed. I know I used to do them freely, but now I don't really do them that frequently, as they take a lot of time. Sometimes I'll post critique sessions on groups I'm in during openings, but I don't really engage in them if I'm independently asked, sorry.
:new:Livestreams are... Semi-frequently. When I'm working on a big project or something I'll post a link on here and taptastic so you can join. I'll happily talk about drawing technique and other life things, and will probably be a LOT more open than I am on here ahahaha. Ha.

As for request streams, I rarely do them anymore because of the sheer amount of people who show up, and it really stresses me out, so if I do one you should probably jump on the offer because there is a good chance I won't do another one for a very verryyy long time.

My Skype Is...Note me but its only for close friends/people I babble to on a regular basis, sorry.
My 3DS Code Is...Once again, note me but its only for close friends.

-RP Characters-

Dork number one
Dork number one
Dork number one
Dork number one

Visitors… Which one should be my pokesora? 

15 deviants said Chinchou
10 deviants said Sylveon
7 deviants said Togetic
No deviants said Other (Please comment~)


Wed Jul 15, 2015, 3:40 PM
Help me pay for food ahaha by PixieParrot
firstly yoo join my contest cool stuff is happenin' over there cool stuff- SUMMER CONTEST 2015-ONCE UPON A TIME...

EEYYY GUYS its that time of the year again. Its in the middle of summer, everyone is excited to be off from work and school, and I’m fretting over moving into my art school dorms next month.


So to raise a bit of funds for various things (such as a color printer, food, headphones, a laptop bag, etc. etc.) I’ve decided to open up SUMMER COMMISSIONS!

They’re $35 dollars for a full body picture, with 3 dollars extra for a simple background. Another person costs ten extra dollars.  However, these pictures will be fully line-arted and shaded though, with pretty effects n stuff, so its really quite a deal.

CD-Missed Me? by PixieParrot  COM: Paint by PixieParrot Ohohoho by PixieParrot Witchy Fun by PixieParrot  ID 2015 by PixieParrot

NEW-Pay THREE extra dollars, and I’ll post a private livestream just for the two of us where you can come watch me work on your commission and we can talk about whatever~ Have any questions about my life, art techniques, which one of my OCs I would take on a date before slowly crushing their soul, hopes and dreams with my endless array of questions? I’m totes cool with chatting, and if you’re already my friend then, uh, well, I guess it won’t be that much of a difference, really. ID

Another special commission I’m offering is what I’m calling a comic commission. Its basically where I help you illustrate a comic of your choice, with text bubbles and everything. I charge per panel however, so the price will be higher. However, if you do happen to be interested just mention it over e-mail and we can work out prices~  

A bit of background about me-I’m a young cartoonist who is currently enrolled in the Laguna College of Art and Design majoring in animation and minoring in illustration. I run my own slice of life webcomic Artist in Bloom, and occasionally do freelancing to get extra funds. I work very quickly, in a range of styles and can draw a variety of different things, so I feel confident I can properly draw up the picture of your dreams.

A few things that I CANNOT draw-

-anything sonic

-robots/transformers characters

-hyper realism

-massively muscular people

-a few vehicles (such as detailed airplanes, tanks, etc.)

-complex armor/machinery

A few things that I WON'T draw-


-fetishes (please no)

-nsfw (I AM okay with drawing pin-ups and males with their chests exposed, kissing scenes along with other adult themes, but that’s the extent)

-if the subject material is something I am uncomfortable with

I am MORE than okay with drawing my OCs (seriously if someone PAID me to draw my OCs ughdghghgdgig-)

I am okay with drawing fanart

My email/paypal is

I am only opening up
FIVE SPOTS so get them while you can!  Thank you~

  • Listening to: kpop everywhere
  • Reading: cardcaptor sakura
  • Watching: cat girls play in bands
  • Playing: my friend's creepy RP game
  • Eating: watermelon
  • Drinking: your tears


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