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Why hello there!

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Hayley | 19 | Female | Cartoonist l Married...To My Tablet

Personal FAQ l Art FAQ l RP FAQ

Eeyey I'm Pixie!

I'm a shy, anxious art student who loves drawing and roleplaying pokemon stuff in her free time! I can be a bit scatterbrained and all over the place, but determined and focused, and when I want to achieve something or reach a goal I put 110% effort into it.

I mainly work as a freelance illustrator, but I also do odd jobs and work with kids to pay my bills~

I also draw silly comics a lot, and have a slice of life webcomic updating on a somewhat-regular basis, if you want to find out more about me when I'm not hiding behind my OCs.

Other than that I can be a bit quiet and cautious at first, but once I open up to you I never shut up. I also don't reply to all my comments but I read them all and love you all very much~

Thank you!

RP Group Box

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:iconcircus-darkrai: :iconnoumenalomens:

:iconpkmn-pmmm: :iconvitrum-academy: :iconillegibilus:

I feel awkward asking people to draw their characters or taking requests, so I just draw them for warm-ups if inspiration hits and link them to my stash on their profile. Its a good way for me to warm up before school work/commissions and give out nice gifts to people. But please don't come to me asking me to draw a sketch of your RP character, this really is spur of the moment and whenever I feel like it~


I have a twitter fyi 

2 deviants said
2 deviants said I'm trying to update more though its pretty boring though I guess aha
No deviants said I've had it for a while just never bothered to post it

UPDATES N stuff I guess again

Fri Jan 22, 2016, 11:26 AM
AHAHA SO UH I go back to school on Monday (I have an unusually long break, but the trade-off is that we work our butts off during the school year with little to no breaks so eH) so I guess that means my art activity will go down again?  Probably back to nonsensical, sexy sketchdumps/sketches to vent my frustration HAAAA UH-

But I do have two art trades to finish, and some group/collab stuff so there will probably be a brief influx of art, then die down again.  I'll probably still be posting stuff occasionally though because, knowing me I am the absolute worst at keeping "hiatuses".

But yeah, a huge apology to the (//sob very few) people I'm RP'ing with/owe stuff to-I will be supeeerrrrr busy this week and next week.  I'm packing now and the first week of school is always hard for me to get used to, so I'll probably be talking little on skype and not replying to RPs/comments/stuff, but once things calm down and I can actually BREATHE I'll go back to replying again.

As for other stuff, I'm pretty cool!  My classes this semester include my long-anticipated and hellish fundamentals of animation class, as well as character design and animal drawing (which I desperately need, that is truthfully my major weak point).   On that note I'm actually planning to re-join :iconpkmnation: on a side account, solely as a supplement to help me with that class (ferals/animals same thing) but my problem with the group previously is that I had a hard time asking people to breed with me (due to me being so shy) so really if anyone has a ranch let me know, I'd be happy to breed with you! :,D  I'm planning to make all my clutch things super-pretty too, so ahaha a.

I want to mainly breed electric rodents and pokemon that have colorings/look like pastries, so if you have any ideas we can brainstorm~  I'll let you know when I get my stuff together and get the apps up~

Another reason why I'm probably not going to be as active (besides animation class which is gonna be utter h e l l) is that my parents actually agreed to pay for my groceries/expenses as long as I focus mainly on my studies.  Which pushes a huge weight off my chest money-wise, so I won't be working as much but I'll be more busy, so I guess that's a trade off.  Hence why I haven't opened up commissions aha, plus I have some outside commissiong work with some people that pays pretty well so its all cool~

Also one more thing I guess?  I'm going to two cons-Hanadoki Con in March with my bestie and A-Kon in June with a ton of dA internet friends ahaha a.  So if you are going to either of those cons, hit me up and I'd be happy to hang out.  My line-up for both cons is about the same-Frisk from Undertale, Cardcaptor Sakura and either Bee from Bee and Puppycat or Jack Frost.  At both cons actually I'm in an Undertale cosplay group of sorts (my bestie is going to be a hella cute Asriel and at A-Kon all of us are dressing up) so eYY.

Hope you all had a lovely break!  Stay in school and keep drawing~

My stupid roommate got me into this


I appreciate your good manners but please don't feel obliged to thank me for the favorite, watch or llama. The lovely artwork that made me do these such things in the first place is enough.

Thank you!~


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PixieParrot Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Student Digital Artist

you know me far too well omg
Apple-Shark-Tart Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  Student General Artist
Thanks for the watch!!! : D
PixieParrot Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016  Student Digital Artist
ahh you're welcommee~
eternanyx Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahh, thanks for the watch. Mildly surprised to see that you started following me :iconohalrightplz:

BUT I wanted to know if you were following KnightJJ on Tapastic or Tumblr. She has this super cute supernatural slice of life comic series called Les Normaux, and a silly Disney fan series called Place of Princes. I think you'd really enjoy her art style. :iconsmile-luplz:
PixieParrot Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  Student Digital Artist
aHAHA EY I FOLLOW HER AHHH she's an idol of mine~ 

I actually have been following Les Normaux ever since it started posting ahaha, its uber cute~
eternanyx Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh Cool! I thought you might've because she has such a large fan base, but I wasn't sure. She has such a lovely use of color and scenery. :iconhappyhappyplz:

It's really neat that you've been following it since the beginning and watched it develop over time. I think I started following it several episodes in. Can't wait to see what goes on with the new characters introduced and how the relationships develop with the ones we already know. ^^
PixieParrot Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016  Student Digital Artist
ahaha ye, its super cool~  its one of the most varied character casts in anything I've read, and they pull off it off really well yeee
Zap-Zap-Forever Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you ever so much for watching me!
I hope I will not disappoint in the future~
PixieParrot Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016  Student Digital Artist
ahHHH wow you're welcome dude!  I was actually stalking you for afar but I only started watching people when I cleared out my inbox, ahahAH
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