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Personal Art
Note: The comics are a bit more adult and mature than what I normally do, just a fair warning

And yes I DO have a fanfiction account. But good luck trying to find it BUHAHAHA

also I tend to post stupid life comics in my scraps so yo go watch my scraps if you want to see my random ramblings

-RP Characters-
Dork number one
Dork number one
Dork number one
Dork number one

Why Hello There

| 18 | Female | Straight | Married...To My Tablet

Hello everyone I'm Hayley! I have an obsession with drawing, musical theater, cats, video games and Netflix.

I'm aiming to get a degree in illustration/mixed media, intern at Pixar and...beyond that I'm not entirely sure. I'll just continue to draw my weird little doodles in the meantime.

I sort of work as a freelance artist (people pay me to draw them things, I draw portraits at kids birthday parties, etc.). I'm currently working on my art portfolio to submit to an illustration company, and my webcomic pitch to Hiveworks. Here's to hoping that it goes well!~

I'm currently trying to get my life in order, get my website up and running and procrastinating.

...did I mention I like cats?


List of OCs


My Deviantart Story

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 9:40 PM
Firstly, if any of you want to see the state of my webcomic click here.

quick note this may be kind of long and sappy as I've been on here for a good five years and I have a lot to say please bear with me

OKAY so like most people I found deviantart through artists I admired/worshiped, mainly :iconraincookie: and :iconprincess-peachie:  Their artwork was simply adorable and they had tons of followers and seemed super nice so I was like "Hey, I want to do digital art too and talk to people and be friends."  And, well, deviantart seemed like the best place to do it, I guess.

So I got a deviantart account.  My username was originally skylarkia (if any of you know that then props to you for sticking with me this long) and I was super excited to submit my first picture and make my mark on the deviantart world.

My first drawing was this-

Cassie by PixieParrot


You see, I thought my drawings were fantastic.  I was even considering opening up my own greeting card line.  Ever since I was younger I was always constantly praised and complimented on my artwork (now looking back I think it was mainly because I was the only one who drew out of my friends whoops) so I literally thought I was the bee's knees.  

I briefly tried out digital drawing with a tablet-

Happy Day by PixieParrot

I quickly stored it away out of frustration.

Art was a hobby, a pastime at best.  However, all of that changed in 2012 when I saw Rise of The Guardians, then, after a late-night frantic search of anything Jack Frost related, I found this-

Jack Frost Again by sharpie91

This picture I credit for jump starting my art career.   Its probably one of my favorite pictures on this website.  Something about the color, the placement, the pained yet hopeful look it Jack's eyes-it really moved me.  I spend a long time looking at that picture. and I knew right then and there that I wanted to evoke that feeling.  I wanted to be an artist.

However, I quickly found that wasn't going to be as easy as I thought.  I had completely, up until that point, ignored anatomy and the basic fundamentals, going straight into cartooning.  I also found out that drawing with a tablet is freakin' hard.

However, the drive to be able to move people and create the things I wanted to motivated me.  I kept drawing.  I spend long hours each day on my tablet, playing with sai, looking up tutorials, copying people.  I was frustrated, I cried.  But I kept going.

And I did improve.  I mean, look-

Draw This Again Meme by PixieParrot

I mean its far from perfect, but I at least had some sort of grasp on anatomy and basic color theory.

I also even briefly started a ROTG gag strip, which as of now has a combined total of over 24000 page views and over 1400 favorites, which really gave me an insane boost of popularity.  I stopped it after a while, but I had the most fun creating that stupid gag strip in a while, and people really seemed to enjoy it (and they still do) so that made me wonder if I could, sometime in the near future, create a webcomic of my own.

HC-Dating by PixieParrot HC-Fangirls by PixieParrot HC-Worship by PixieParrot

Around this time I also started joining roleplay groups.  I was mainly inspired by :icontamarinfrog: (who I actually later got to know better in said groups) and I tried out for pokemon crossing with my baby, LuLu.

 PKMN Crossing: LuLu by PixieParrot

And I was convinced she was perfect.  I mean, I thought her history was well-rounded, she was delightful, charming.  I was convinced she could make it in and I could play with a whole new world (as, ever since I was younger, I loved storytelling and character creation, so roleplaying groups was a dream come true).

She didn't make it in for being a Mary-Sue.

I cried.  No, really, I did cry.  I was so devastated that my baby was declined.  I saw all the happy people making it in, and that made me feel even worse.

However, I didn't give up.  I decided to try with another newly-founded group :iconpkmn-armonia: with my character, Olive.  Through that group, while I wasn't as social due to my introverted tendencies, Olive was.  I RP'd with him a ton, drew tons of artwork, heck he even had some serious character development going. 

That group is really sentimental to me, as it really was what motivated me to continue drawing.  Everyone's beautiful artwork and kind words and funny characters made me want to do all of that myself.  :icondreamermb: :iconkeideo: :iconchocolatewoosh: :iconlabonbull: :icongafagear: :iconraccoonamatata: and :iconheatheru: were particularly huge motivators for me. too bad I didn't try to get to know any of you better due to me being so shy ahh you all are fantastic people and sempais .3.

After that, that's when I got bit by the roleplaying bug.  I kept joining roleplay groups, slowly creating a huge cast of very varied and sentimental OCs, each with their own quirks and personality traits.  

A few characters survived.  A few of their groups died out, leaving them homeless.  However, through each and every one of them I learned something new, whether that be an art skill or a character trait that I quickly added to the ever-growing experience pile.  I mean, I've experienced my first kiss and first break up all through RP'ing.  Its rather hilarious and kind of sad the more that I think about it, actually. 

Heck, I even now critique people's apps, as its something I like to think I have a lot of experience in, not to mention its a ton of fun to rip apps apart and see what beautiful new creation people come up with. 

Probably the other group that has had some impact on my life would have to be :iconcircus-darkrai:  I mean, I mainly just joined that group after the original creator (someone who I respect and idolize) begged me to join, so I kind of created Edward in a matter of a few days, not knowing how much I was actually going to explore with him.

As I said earlier, every character contributed something to me somehow, Edward gave me the spark to do comics (I mean, besides the ridiculous Hot Chocolate comics that I mentioned above).  The little "Ask Edwards" I did actually became extremely helpful, as I explored Edward's character and comic writing through the numerous asks people kept bombarding me with.

  Ask Edward #7 by PixieParrot CD-Ask Edward #7 REVISED by PixieParrot

And through it, I actually saw my artwork and punchlines slowly improve, as I grew more adept with my tablet and drawing style.  I went through a LOT of style changes with Edward, man.  And, Edward as a character actually grew a lot over my year of RP'ing with him.  I mean, the group is so nice, with a lovely mod team (which I highly respect man I can't run a group like you guys) and some really amazing artists and people.  I know I'm not that social in the group as myself (rather than Edward) but the few times I actually get out of my comfort zone and talk to you guys I have a lot of fun.  We really need to do a group skype chat, man.

...soooo yeah.  Here I am now.  Eighteen, fresh out of high school, going with the decision to make art her career focus (if that will end up being a good or a bad idea later on we'll soon find out).  

I want to thank everyone who has supported/complimented me over these past five years, especially some of my good friends-

:iconjrynkows: :iconwillowlove5: :icona-lasting-dream: :iconlyricalupin: :iconautumnpalette: :iconwhitewing16: :iconrosiesakura: :iconravenwriter8: :icondubiousfencer: :iconmoonrose95: :iconthe9tard: :icontherobberbaron: :iconfedora-fox: :iconspiderliing666: :iconkrisslyssa:
please don't be offended if you're not on here these are just the people I thought of off the top of my head

And all of my watchers!  Jeez, I love you guys to bits.

Anyway, truthfully I wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for deviantart.  And I want to thank you all for that.  The reason why I'm actually doing art now is really because of this website.

Here's to a new future, hopefully filled with exciting things, and hopefully more drawing! : D


  • Reading: Yotsuba&!
  • Watching: Firefly
  • Playing: Fire Emblem


Fandoms Fandoms EVERYWHERE

My Various Fandoms

Attack On Titan | Sherlock | Adventure Time | Yumeiro Patissiere | Portal 2 | Shugo Chara | Harry Potter | Percy Jackson | Avatar | Sugar Sugar Rune | Madoka Magica | Ghibli Films (Howl's Moving Castle, Totoro, Whisper of the Heart) | Bee and Puppycat | Anything that has Benedict Cumberbatch Involved Somehow | RWBY | Dangan Ronpa | Pixar Films (Ratatoille, The Incredibles, Toy Story, Monster's Inc) | DreamWorks Films (Kung Fu Panda, Turbo and ROTG especially) | Disney Films (Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, The Great Mouse Detective) | Idol M@ sters | Other animated films (Despicable Me, Frankenweenie, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Nightmare Before Christmas, Frankenweenie, Cats Don't Dance, A Monster In Paris) | Fate Zero | Mario | Legend of Zelda | Little Witch Alchemia | Sailor Moon (to an extent-while I'm not really a fan I enjoy the designs and the impact it has made) | Lego things/franchises/shows | Animal Crossing | Welcome To Night Vale | The World God Only Knows | Sword Art Online | Rachet and Clank | POKEMON | Sly Cooper | Little Big Planet | Monster High/Ever After High | Gravity Falls | MLP | Adventure Time | SpongeBob | TMNT | Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends | Cucumber Quest | Bioshock | Oran High School Host Club | Skip Beat | Honey and Clover | Hollow Fields | Cirque De Freak | Are you kidding me how I can I name all of my fandoms in just one box?

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:iconsharpie91: :iconraincookie: :iconxamag: :iconmeago: :iconthebourgyman: :iconprincess-peachie: :iconhitsukuya: :iconnuclearmango: :icondrobvirks:
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All of your guys are joining deviantart now...I'm so happie...

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People Who I like to check up on/stalk/like/look very closely-

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I appreciate your good manners but please don't feel obliged to thank me for the favorite, watch or llama. The lovely artwork that made me do these such things in the first place is enough.

Thank you!~


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you don't have to ask permission
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How does it feel to be finally be able to go to college? 
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