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Why Hello There

| 18 | Female | Straight | Married...To My Tablet

Hey hey hey I'm Hayley! Pleased to make your acquaintance!

I'm a dorky college art student who works as a cartoonist! My main job is keeping my little webcomic Hot Chocolate up and running smoothly, but I also sometimes do freelance work/various illustration things on the side. Along with babysitting, as I'm not getting a regular income for doing art...yet.

I'm in a lot of fandoms and a pretty big video game/anime/musical theater geek. I like good food, boba tea, long weekends and cats.

Especially cats.

This is kind of my fun account. Basically this is where I post stupid comics and drawings of my OCs and participate in roleplay groups in my spare time (which sadly, at the moment, I don't have much of). It truthfully can be a bit embarrassing, so I don't really post this account on many other places. Still, its a great place to let out my creative energy and make new friends! If I'm not shy enough to even strike up a conversation ahaha //shot

If you ever have a question or want to say hi, feel free to pop me a note. I'll try to respond.


More Info


Personal Art
Note: The comics are a bit more adult and mature than what I normally do, just a fair warning

And yes I DO have a fanfiction account. But good luck trying to find it BUHAHAHA

also I tend to post stupid life comics in my scraps so yo go watch my scraps if you want to see my random ramblings


:new:RPs are Currently... Closed, as I'm back in school and I think I have enough now to last me a long time. Sorry!
Requests are...Closed forever, unless you are a close/irl friend and I know you're going to pester me about it.
Art Trades are...For friends only. C :
Collabs are...Usually closed. I don't really like to do them, sorry. I do make exceptions, though.
:new:Chatroom visits are... Every once in a while, ahaha. When I've finished my work and I don't feel like a nervous wreck, I'll try to pop in. It'll only really be in the CD chatrooms though, I'm pretty much terrified of all my other group chatrooms. :,D
Critiques are... Closed. I know I used to do them freely, but now I don't really do them that frequently, as they take a lot of time. Sometimes I'll post critique sessions on groups I'm in during openings, but I don't really engage in them if I'm independently asked, sorry.
Livestreams are... Pretty rare, but I do do them. While fun and one of the only times I choose to openly socialize (as normally I'm rather private) they can be extremely stressful, espically if its a request stream. I will do them occasionally, but they will most likely just be a stream where you can watch me work on a comic or something, as while I enjoyed doing request streams in the past the sheer amount of people that showed up was kind of overwhelming. Sorry!~
My Skype Is...Note me but its only for close friends/people I babble to on a regular basis, sorry.
My 3DS Code Is...Once again, note me but its only for close friends.

-RP Characters-

Dork number one
Dork number one
Dork number one
Dork number one


Hot Chocolate Update

Wed Feb 25, 2015, 7:58 PM

Okaaayyy little Hot Chocolate update on the comic’s status, as I know some of you have noticed I have put it on semi-hiatus/have complained about losing inspiration.

Here’s the thing.  The first run I had planned out wasn’t...exciting to me.  While the jokes and comics and everything were cute and funny, I felt it was a bit slow at times, and at the rate it was going it would take me faaaarrr too long to reach the real meat of the comic, the second arc which introduces Xavier, a major character and game-changer in terms of turning the comic into a more fantasy one.

Hence why I sort of lost interest, despite the fact I’ve gained almost 500 followers on tumblr and 350 on taptastic (dangdangdang).  The story didn’t motivate me, and I yearned for something that would push me out of my comfort zone and actually be somewhat action-y and adventurous.

Here’s the good part though-I’ve reworked the story into a single arc, short story, with plenty of room for specials and continuing arcs once the comic’s run is finished.  Its short, packs a punch, and is extremely sweet and touching, something that I would be very happy to work on.  

But there’s, sadly, a problem to this-while I was able to somewhat keep up with Hot Chocolate’s updates before, this new version of it is told in more of a graphic-comic format, with lots of backgrounds, beautiful art and bright colors.

That means a loooottt of work.  Probably putting all my effort, creativity and soul into that comic.

And, I hate to say it, but I would not be able to do it on my own.  My attention jumps a lot, and while I do feel I am capable of doing this the only way I would possibly be able to do it is if I had a company paying me, a book deal or some sort of funding of money.  So that basically means until I can actually get a contract of some sort, with my current time and motivation I can’t draw out the vision I have.  Which sucks, ‘cause I mean “live for your art” and all that, but I’m a human being.  And I can only do so much.

And I don’t really want to continue with the comics I have now, as my heart more of lies in its alternative story, rather than what I have now.

So Hot Chocolate is just kinda in limbo now I guess.  I like to think the comics I have now have just been more experimental things, to get a feel for the characters and everything.  I would let it go on hiatus, however there is still the slim chance a comic company may be interested in it, so I’m still keeping it active.

But I haven’t deserted the comic nor the idea.  Someday, hopefully in the near future, if a kind and benevolent company comes forth with a contract and a salary, then oh yes I will throw myself into it.  I'm even considering, if my comic isn't picked up by this company, is to pitch it to a publishing company or something, with concept art and example pages.  That is how serious I am about this.

However, for now just take solace in the fact that I will make this a thing someday.  And it will be awesome.

I swear.

  • Listening to: Kpop trash
  • Reading: Scott Pilgrim
  • Watching: Most of the new Anime season ahaha
  • Playing: Wananohara
  • Eating: Thin Mints
  • Drinking: Your Soul

I\'m thinking in my spare time about doing a fancomic/original comic of sorts with backgrounds and everything to see if I can attempt to do a super-professional comic style, which direction should I go in? 

14 deviants said Do a cutesy shipping comic of your favorite fan couple!
4 deviants said Do a short, one-shot comic of an original short story!
2 deviants said Do something with your RP characters
2 deviants said Do a historical, 20s style comic with guns and fighting (ahaha...sweats)
1 deviant said Other! (Please comment~)
No deviants said Do a small comic study of the day in the life of a certain place, such as Tokoyo or Italy.


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I love your art. It's Adventure Time meets Scott Pilgrim meets Regular Show meets Manga extravaganza! Your art rocks!
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Long overdue, but Thank You for any and all :+fav: you have bestowed upon little oul me :heart:
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:wave: Heya!

Congratulations on getting in to PKMN-Steam! :party: Glad to have you join our community. :hug: Those of us in the chat would love to get to know you, so if you'd like, do pop in. :giggle:

Again, congratulations, and best wishes! :happybounce: Hoping to see you around the group soon.
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Merry Christmas
Keep being amazing
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