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Why Hello There

| 18 | Female | Straight | Married...To My Tablet

Hey hey hey I'm Hayley! Pleased to make your acquaintance!

I'm a dorky college art student who works as a cartoonist! My main job is keeping my little webcomic Hot Chocolate up and running smoothly, but I also sometimes do freelance work/various illustration things on the side. Along with babysitting, as I'm not getting a regular income for doing art...yet.

I'm in a lot of fandoms and a pretty big video game/anime/musical theater geek. I like good food, boba tea, long weekends and cats.

Especially cats.

This is kind of my fun account. Basically this is where I post stupid comics and drawings of my OCs and participate in roleplay groups in my spare time (which sadly, at the moment, I don't have much of). It truthfully can be a bit embarrassing, so I don't really post this account on many other places. Still, its a great place to let out my creative energy and make new friends! If I'm not shy enough to even strike up a conversation ahaha //shot

If you ever have a question or want to say hi, feel free to pop me a note. I'll try to respond.


More Info


Personal Art
Note: The comics are a bit more adult and mature than what I normally do, just a fair warning

And yes I DO have a fanfiction account. But good luck trying to find it BUHAHAHA

also I tend to post stupid life comics in my scraps so yo go watch my scraps if you want to see my random ramblings


RPs are Currently...Closed, except for a few exceptions.
school is wearing me thin enough as it is I have to be choosy
Requests are...Closed forever, unless you are a close/irl friend and I know you're going to pester me about it.
Art Trades are...For friends only. C :
Collabs are...Usually closed. I don't really like to do them, sorry. I do make exceptions, though.
Critiques are... Closed. I know I used to do them freely, but now I don't really do them that frequently, as they take a lot of time. Sometimes I'll post critique sessions on groups I'm in during openings, but I don't really engage in them if I'm independently asked, sorry.
My Skype Is...Note me but its only for close friends/people I babble to on a regular basis, sorry.
My 3DS Code Is...Once again, note me but its only for close friends.

-RP Characters-

Dork number one
Dork number one
Dork number one
Dork number one



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Shadowspider15 Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
HEEEEEEEEEE Before I forget, I just wanna say that OMG, your art is just GORGEOUS! <3 Lovin' every bit of it!
PixieParrot Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Aaah thank youuuu!
gosh a lot of people have been complimenting me all of a sudden ahhh~
Shadowspider15 Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What can I say? You deserve it. :3
Blue-skiez Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow I just love your work o':
It's just amazing c':
PixieParrot Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Aah thank you!~
Blue-skiez Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!~
Keep up the amazing work! :D
RegalTenK Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Yo Whaddup
PixieParrot Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Chai-Leaf Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
I got sent a link to your recent journal, but I just wanted to say that your art is super cute and you deserve a follow~
ChandraHabein Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Really appreciate the fav! Thank you! :la: By the way, I love how much expression your art has, so much awesomeness! 
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